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Napoli Castle of Maschio Angioino
Maschio Angioino
Naploi panoramic view
Napoli panoramic
Naples Plebiscito square
Naples Plebiscito square
Naples castle dell' Ovo or new castle
Castel dell' Ovo

Roma Ncc (limousine service) is delight to offer you the tour of Naples. It will last a full day, for a fixed price of 420 euros for 2 guests and a surcharge of 20 euros for any additional passenger.

Naples is an historical city in the south of Italy in the Campania region.Known for its rich history, art, culture, architecture, music, and gastronomy,Founded in the 9th - 8th century BC as a Greek colony.Naples has been the capital of the Naples kingdom from 1282 to 1816.
The historic city centre of Naples is listed by Unesco as a World heritage site.The central and main open square of the city is the Piazza del plebiscito, It is bounded on the east by the Royal Palace and on the west by the church of San Francesco di Paola.
The city of Naples is also famous for its castle called Castello Nuovo (new castle) and better known as Maschio Angioino.

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