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Ruins of Pompeii
Ruins of Pompeii
Pompeii shrine
Pompeii shrine
Amphitheatre of Pompei
Amphitheatre of Pompeii

Roma Ncc (limousine service) organizes tour in the ancient town of Pompeii. This full day tour cost 420 Euros for 2 guests, with a surcharge of 20 Euros for any additional passenger for a maximum of 8 passengers.

This town suffered from the eruption of the nearby volcano, the Vesuvio in 79 ad and is been buried under the lava sediments for 1700 years. The town was then discovered in 1748 and since then is a world heritage site  and one of the most famous spots in Italy.

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packet "Roma NCC Pompei"

Transportation from Rome to Pompei +
6 hour tour +
A great bottle of Italian wine (red or white)

packet price € 530 !!

(arrival and departure ) + € 80

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