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Ariccia - Church Maria Assunta by night
Ariccia - Maria Assunta
Albano Laziale - Porta Pretoria
Albano - Porta Pretoria
Ariccia - aerial view of the historical center and the bridge
Ariccia - Bridge
Castel Gandolfo - Pope's Residence
Caste Gandolfo
Frascati - Villa Grazioli
Frascati - Villa Grazioli
Grottaferrata - Romanesque Church
Roman Castles Tours

Roma NCC (limousine service) organizes tours to the Roman Castles where you will admire the vineyards, lakes and the summer residence of the pope in Castel Gandolfo.

The tour will last at least 3 hours for a fixed price of 120 Euros and a maximum of 8 passengers. We will charge you 35 Euros more for any additional hour.

The Roman Castle area, is a volcanic origin area, originate from the fall of a volcano ages ago. The historical villages in this area are:

The name Roman Castles comes from the fortresses built on this hills by several roman  families in ancient times.
The ancient castles, where rebuilt as private noble residences during the XV century and that are:

  • Palazzo Vescovile a Frascati
  • Palazzo Colonna a Marino
  • Palazzo Pontificio a Castel Gandolfo
  • Palazzo Savelli ad Albano Laziale
  • Geophysics museum in Rocca di Papa
  • Palazzo Savelli a Rocca Priora
  • Palazzo Borghese a Monte Porzio Catone

Plus, in this area you will be able to visit other archaeological sites like the roman theatre of Tuscolo and roman catacombs.
The Roman Castles area is famous for the wine and extra virgin olive oil (evo) production.