Service Ceremonies - Wedding

Roma NCC - Chauffeur - Mercedes hat and gloves
Roma Ncc Chauffeur
Roma Ncc - wedding car service decorative casts
Class E - Wedding
Roma Ncc - wedding service - mercedes class e
Class E - Wedding

For your special occasion Roma Ncc (linousine service) can offer an high class and very elegance service, with our experience and reliability for the future happy couple.

Our high standard cars and chaffeurs, can get trough the town centre (blu zone ) and will bring you in the most beautiful places to let you relax and be worry free for the most beautiful day of your life.

We can arrange transports with busses up to 55 people to let your guests visit all the churches of the Historic centre traffic and parking worries free.

The wedding service starts at the bride house, with our chauffeur ready for any need, then we will bring the bride to the church ,we will assist your photographer for the wedding pictures, and we will drive you to your favourite restaurant.